Exploratory Testing

This one day workshop teaches testers and developers how to adopt and develop an Exploratory Testing Approach. It teaches the basics of exploratory testing and how to apply it in a systematic and deliberate way. Learn how to use it to add depth to your testing by focusing on risk and understanding business value.

This class is experiential and contains practical exercises to help perform exploratory testing in a systematic way.

The class will focus on the following aspects of Exploratory Testing:

  • Modelling and Test Coverage
  • Heuristics in Exploratory Testing
  • Test Strategies in Exploratory Testing
  • Oracles & bug finding
  • Reporting to others

Dates Held

Budapest Wednesday 9th May 2018

Tallinn, Estonia on Wednesday 6th June 2018 (Sold Out).

Coaching Testing

This one day class is an introduction to the systematic approach to coaching testers developed by James Bach & Anne-Marie Charrett.

Coaching software testers facilitate the ongoing self-education of a tester. In this coaching model, the tester controls what they learn, making it relevant and powerful compared to traditional teaching practices.


The workshop will focus on the following aspects of coaching testers:

  •     Building a connection with your student
  •     Observation in Coaching
  •     The Coaching Task including some Heirloom Exercises
  •     The Coaching Syllabus
  •     Managing Tension & Energy in a Coaching Session
  •     Patterns in coaching
  •     Creating Dilemma’s in coaching
  •     Analysing Coaching Sessions

Testers will have the opportunity to observe, analyse and practice coaching sessions throughout the day.

Dates Held

August 6th 2018 – Florida

Test Leadership

How testing is viewed within the delivery of software has changed significantly in the last ten years. Testing no longer is seen as sitting passively at the end of a delivery chain with a rubber stamp. Contemporary ideas on delivery demand leadership from their testers all through the delivery life-cycle. Companies like Atlassian and Microsoft have Quality Assistants. Many other companies now use cross-functional teams with a tester sitting alongside multiple developers to help deliver a quality product.