Software Testing Services

Software Tester Training

Testing Times offers corporate and public training to software testers within Australia and internationally. These classes are run by Anne-Marie Charrett.

Anne-Marie is an experienced software testing trainer offering training in Exploratory Testing, Agile Testing and Coaching Testers.

All training is based on the experiential model of learning using challenges and tasks to help develop understanding and meaning of the content.

Software Testing Classes

Anne-Marie currently offers training in the following areas:

  • Testing for Developers


Anne-Marie offers a two hour introductory seminar to explain and demonstrate how we can improve testing skill. The topic varies but in the past I’ve held the following seminars

  • Sapient Testing: Its not manual or automated, its sapient!
  • Coaching Testers: Teaching testers how to think
  • Can you handle the risk? Examining risk factors in your company
  • Testing, the Smarter, Faster, Cheaper way

For all enquiries call Catherine on 02 9432 7844 or email her at



I offer online and in house coaching to software testers. I use a systematic approach to coaching that I’ve developed in association with James Bach.

My coaching has an emphasis on developing the testers skill through tasks and dialogue in a positive way.

Coaching sessions are approximately 60 to 90 minutes long, and can be performed remotely.

I offer packages in coaching. Please contact me at for more details.


I specialise in the following areas:

  • Tester Skill
  • Transforming Test Teams
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Independent Test Manager for offshore test teams

Again, contact me at or Skype me (charretts)


I offer the following packages:

One, Three and Five day packages in software testing. These are fixed price packages.

Test Manager/Coaching Packages
These packages blend my coaching and test management skills.

  • 2 days per week Test Management with 3 hours online tester coaching  
  • 1 day Test Management with 4 hours online tester coaching 
  • I month full time Test Management followed by weekly coaching 

Training Packages
1 day training plus ongoing online coaching on a weekly or monthly basis