Coaching Testers Workshop

James Bach & Anne-Marie Charrett
Date:  18th March, Brighton, UK


This one day workshop is an introduction to the systematic approach to coaching testers used by myself and James Bach. This approach is the culmination of our experience in coaching, investigation and analysis.

Coaching testers facilitates the ongoing self-education for a tester.  The tester controls what they learn, making it relevant and powerful compared to traditional teaching practices.

Join us on this one day workshop to discover the basic skills needed to coach testers.


The workshop will focus on the following aspects of coaching testers:

  • Building a connection with your student
  • The Coaching Task
  • Generating and maintaining energy in a coaching session
  • Creating Dilemma’s in coaching

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for experienced testers and test managers who want to learn how to coach testers.

How will I benefit?

Coaching testers is a skill that test managers and testers can learn to help improve tester skill and original thinking either remotely or within a project environment.

There is a Latin saying “docendo discimus” which translated to english means ‘by teaching we learn’. If you ever truly want to understand what an oracle is, try teaching it to someone!

Attending this one day workshop will give you and understanding of coaching testers and an opportunity to practice this skill in a learning environment.

What will I learn?

Learn how to deepen a testers learning through challenge and accomplishment leaving the tester feeling  enthusiastic about testing, with the motivation to continue self learning.

The workshop is exercise orientated so there will be  many opportunities to practice the art of coaching testers. Please bring a laptop.