Grow Your Own Training

GROW YOUR OWN TRAINING is a suite of online learning courses where the students determine the learning outcome for a course under the direction of a more experienced trainer.
In GROW YOUR OWN classes,  the learner contributes to :

  • the learning goals and outcomes
  • how that content is learned
  • how teams will work
  • how progress is evaluated

The classes will use an experiential based learning model which means that students will be given group and solo tasks to help them learn an aspect of the class and be asked to submit their leanings to the rest of the class. Classmates will have the opportunity to provide feedback on your work.

The trainer will be an experienced software tester who will be able to direct and provide assistance where needed.

These classes are all about collaboration and working together to help everyone get to a sufficient level of competence. There will be opportunities for mentoring by classmates if its needed.

For a short time while I’m working out the concepts, these classes will be free as long as the student accepts that I keep any content and can use it to create a teaching model.

If you think this model interests you and you want to either become involved as a student or a trainer, send an email to with the subject title: online training, with details on what you want to learn, or what you feel you can offer.