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Through my company Testing Times I offer the following consulting



Quality Engineering Health Checks

I work with organisations (both enterprise and SME) to identify gaps and solutions to improving quality across the delivery cycle.  If required I develop an implementation plan to helping organisations move forward in this space.

Transition to Agile Testing

Transition your testers to work in cross functional teams. Testers are trained and coached to work along side developers, ops and product owners.

Testing for non testers

These days, both testers and developers need to be able to test well. We train and coach both developers and testers to improve their testing ability. We use a blend of training, coaching and mentoring to help your team learn how to work through problems in testing, help them become more motivated to learn new testing techniques and to help your organisation test better.

Coaching Testing

We work with you to help your testers and/or developers to adjust to the complexities that agile testing demands. This is skill based training and development. We work with the team, observing their testing skills, then providing with the ability to up skill through coaching and training.




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Testing Strategies

Develop testing strategies for large scale systems testing and systems integration testing. Develop Testing Strategies for Microservices Architecture and Continuous Delivery Platforms.

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