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Exclusive cartoon – see it here first !

Here is an exclusive, never seen before cartoon, created especially for the upcoming ebook “If I were a testcase, I would…”
As you may know, this e-book contains over 300 memorable and funny responses to the Twitter challenge started by the Daily Testing Tip prompting testers to complete the phrase

“If I were a test case I would…”

The book will be available for download for free. We are still looking for more sponsors, so please if you or your company wishes to advertise in this book, please check out the advertising details at Daily Testing Tip The closing date for advertising is December 10th 2010. So be quick.

All proceeds from advertising will go the Chandru Fund to help raise funds for Chandrashekar B.N (Chandru) , a software tester in our community that has been recently  diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Cartoon Tester (Andy Glover) has created some of his memorable cartoons into this great little ebook.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come…..

So if you haven’t joined in the fun why not do so now?  If you were a test case, what would you do???

Next Tuesday we will be holding a special #dttip challenge on twitter, so look out for that.  So please give generously with your ideas and contribute to the challenge.

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Software Test Templates – scoping out your tests

I wrote a blog recently “the value of a software testing process” in which I questioned the traditional benefits of software test scripts based on the re-use and repeatability theory.
My approach to any rapid change software development is to make a some basic assumptions

1) The code is going to change quickly
2) The person who coded won’t necessarily be there for the next release
3) The person who tested the last time, won’t necessarily be there for the next release
4) Test documentation helps to provide structure and is excellent as a guide to ensure adequate coverage
5) Testers are able to think outside the square and aslo be able to fill in the gaps in a test

I use one spreadsheet (if possible) to track the following information;

a) test script number
b) test link (if available which is a reference to requirements etc)
c) test purpose – a clear concise description of what I am planning to test
d) test results – Pass or Fail
e) defect number – I assign a number of use the defect tracking system
f) test estimate – the time I anticipate it will take to test this functionality

I use the document to first scope out what I want to test, a quick and dirty overview of what I am planning. I also use it to estimate how long testing is going to take. This is helpful if I am ever asked to substantiate my estimates.

Once all stakeholders are in agreement onto the scope, I create a concise and descriptive purpose of each test. This is in essence my test script. I use the same spreadsheet to enter results, defect numbers and to calculate simple metrics such as the pass rate.

I have uploaded an example below;

Software Testing Template

I hope you you find this post useful. Please feel free to use the ideas I have here. Do us a favour though, leave a comment, or digg the post. Thanks !!