Dear Helen, in response to your job application as a tester

I wrote this email to Helen today who emailed me a letter seeking work. I thought it pretty much summarises what Testing Times stands for. 
Dear Helen,

Thanks for contacting me through my website.

Firstly, I want to congratulate you. Not many people bother to read my website properly and send me the information I require, my estimation of you as a tester as increased a notch!

I purposefully ask testers to only send me a cover letter explaining why they want to work for me. Most testers send in a resume. 

Testing Times is not a typical software testing consultancy. Based on many years of experience, we’ve come to realise that the majority of testing performed is rubbish. Unrealistic schedules, stupid estimations, test strategies and plans that no-one reads or cares about, metrics that make no sense.

We’ve decided that enough is enough, and we will only perform quality testing. If this type of consultancy interests you read on.

We see ourselves as context driven testers (google and read up) and we believe this is one way to promote quality testing.

Be aware, we only work with truly passionate testers. This doesn’t necessarily mean lots of technical proficiency, but we expect you to have studied testing, read blogs  and have an opinion on what quality testing is.

If this sounds like you, send your resume in!



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Sounds like a hell of a company to work for!!.The good thing about CDT is that you can be techincally proficient as well if you choose to :), some of us even code ;).
I think the 2 words you mentioned above summarise this. “passionate testers”. Damn Straight.

Best of luck helen

Happy Testing ..

Hi Scott,
Thanks for commenting, and you are on the nail wrt technical and coding skills. Coming from an engineering background I totally agree with you!

Sometimes people seem to think ‘only work with the best’ equates with automation skills. The sentence was my attempt to counter that.

Something else I want to add too: its not good enough to agree with our company philosophies, if you want to work with us you need to be prepared to defend them.


Automation is such a small piece of the pie and a part that is fairly easy to train on.

Im not sure how anyone would think that “only work with the best” relates to ‘automation skills’ i believe that would equate to someone that is a well rounded tester, Passionate, critical, active (in the community), but with anything i suppose its open to speculation even something like “Skilled software testers” by some could be deemed to fall into the realm of a technical / automation orientation.

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