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Please don’t hire me

If you want perfect softwareIf you want me to break your code
If you want to measure me by the number of test scripts I write
If you want me to tell you its ready to ship
If you want 100% of your product tested
If your looking for a tester to only “check” if things look ok
If you want your testers to mindlessly follow test scripts
If you want training on a test process
If you feel you can’t test without requirements

But if you’re looking for a tester who prides herself on the work she delivers, offers as much value to her clients as she can, and has a reputation for excellent testing, then yes, please hire me!

I’m available for coaching testers, training testers, consulting and testing.

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I recently volunteered myself into the position of reviewing resumes, identifying candidates for interview, and conducting 1st-round interviews. It’s interesting to see how closely your list and my interview questions compared.
I asked each candidate what they liked about testing. Every single candidate responded that they liked breaking software. Personally, I’ve never identified that way because I revel in the hunt not the bugs themselves. Prompted by your post though, it’s really an important distinction to make. Software testers do no break code. They merely expose the defects already present. It’s like saying the car driver is at fault when the accelerator sticks.

Cheers to the sapient tester and that which inspires more thinking and questioning.

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Anne-Marie’s reply: here here 🙂

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