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Dublin Software Testing Automation Morning

I went to the Softtest Software Testing User Group networking session last night. About 10 erstwhile software testers gathered together on a wet and windy night to discuss how to help software testers in Dublin.

We had some great discussions, a lot around automation tools, but also on the topic of up-skilling at little or no cost. I’m a big believer in this. I think it doesn’t have to cost a lot to keep yourself trained up as a software tester, you only need a willingness to learn.

We at Softtest have been throwing the idea around for a while to hold some practical hands on automation testing sessions. The idea is that testers would come (for free) learn a bit about an open source tool (JMeter & Selenium are two considerations), get to ask questions and hopefully get to use the tool a little.

We think a Saturday morning would work, and Softtest would supply a venue, breakfast and strong coffee. But we would need Volunteers.

Software Testers who have open source software testing automation skills willing to come in and share some of their knowledge with others.

So are you a Dublin based software tester, with a bit of spare time on a Saturday morning?

If your Interested in attending or helping out with your automation skills? Leave a comment or email me at

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Our local QA group SQuAD did a few workshops like this several years ago, on a tool or on a skill such as exploratory testing. They were very popular, but it was hard to find a space to have them and set everything up, I guess we just ran out of energy for it. Maybe this will inspire me to revive it.

Hi LisaWell it looks like we have a venue with wireless, and I’m thinking of encouraging people to bring their own laptops, sell installed with a tool if they can. (I’m making this up as I write). I would like to hear of your experience and any tips you may have on holding one?

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