Exploratory Testing insight

The pain…the pain

I’m currently experiencing a boundary test. The test is…how much toothache can I tolerate before resorting to as massive overdose of painkillers?

I know, I can feel you all wincing in empathy, even if you’ve never experienced toothache, almost everyone can empathize with the pain.


there is relief.

I am to visit the dentist tomorrow.

This story will have a happy ending. I know I will end up in less pain…eventually. I know the dentist is going to have to ask me questions and perhaps explore pain points. Bad pain points.

I also know its necessary for him to come to some sort of conclusion in order to help me.

I know its necessary, even if its hateful, cringe worthy and expensive.

Ok here it comes,  testing analogy…..

I love to explore. You probably love to explore.

But I love (and I suspect you do too) explore the bits I find interesting. I explore those bits that come naturally to me. Bits that I’m good at.

I have a tendancy (or bias) to ignore the bits I find dull, or that I’m not so good at…painful even.

Things such as tedious tasks, like examining behaviour I’ve already looked at.

Its important for me to do it though, I know to perform a thorough job, I have to examine areas I feel less comfortable in, areas that I have only checked, not tested.

Sometimes though, the pain is too bad. Its time to call in the expert. Someone who will do the job for me.  Like a dentist, perhaps?

Wish me luck…

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