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Software Test Reports for Startups

My test reports have deviated a lot since the early days of testing.
Nowadays, first and foremost I provide an opinion of the software. I make sure I highlight both positives and negatives that I see in the product.

Naturally, I provide a list of bugs I find, but I also provide a list of suggestions on the software, for example new features or ways to improve the Usability. I find when testing, new ideas often come to me about features. I’m happy to provide them with a list. They can take it or leave it.

Finally, I list some recommendations on testing for the next release.

Why all the effort? I do this because my clients love it!Β  I provide more than just a list of bugs. I see it as adding more value.

Here’s the template pdf version:: Software Test Report Template

I wonder though, is this still testing, orΒ  have I morphed into a new area of work?

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Hi Anne-Marie,
Definitely no morphing in the test report!

I’ve always worked on the basis of providing the overview, what’s done, what’s remaining, further work plus detailed breakdown of findings and bugs a natural part of a test report – those are all in the templates that I use.

So unless I’ve morphed into something else aswell, then it’s still part of a testers job.


Hi Anne,Nice post πŸ™‚ I’m a regular reader of your blog and I would like to thank you for sharing your experience. It is of great help for testers like me..
On another not, I can see that you have listed “Topics” and “Categories” in the right pane. But seems like the list is same πŸ™‚ GUI issue!! πŸ˜€

Nice Post Anee,
Nice point eloborted, Quite healthy information, I have also seen simon morley bug report as well, that was quite informative as well, Keep up the good work, the points that you mentioned should be the part of test reports to satisfy customer expectations.

Hi Anne-Marie,
I don’t think you’ve morphed in to another area. I think what you do is the work of a true testing professional. The more information and guidance we provide to our customers in the form of reporting then the more satisfied I’m sure they will be.

Your report template is excellent. I really like it. I personally use a combination of low tech dashboards, traffic light reporting and reports similar to yours.

It’s great to see other testers put such a large emphasis on communication. Too often testers don’t put enough effort in to reporting to their stakeholders which at times can negate the finding they have found…

Great post and thanks for sharing your template.


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