Who is Anne-Marie Charrett?






I’m still trying to figure that one out.

An electronic engineer by trade, software testing chose me when I started conformance testing against European standards. I was hooked and has been testing since then.

I setup Testing Times in 1998 to meet the needs of companies looking for consulting and training in the field of software testing.

I started blogging on Maverick Tester in 2007

I started up Speak Easy – a way to encourage diversity at software testing conferences in 2014.

My two key goals for 2015 are to keynote and to complete the book on coaching testing which I want to write with James Bach. (I’m keynoting at CukeUp! Au)

I live in Sydney, Australia but I have strong ties to Ireland which I visit on business as much as I can.

I’m of the XX chromosome variety, have one husband and two children of XY chromosome variety, but I don’t hold that against them.

All views are my own, until I change them.

Contact Details

Email: amcharrett@testingtimes.com.au

Mobile : +61410560923

Skype: Charretts

Twitter: @charrett